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Consulting Company CC-IT transforms to a Managed Services Provider supported by mspStack
Team of Experts accompanies and guides this move sustainably

Landau/Ettlingen, June 08. 2016 - Based on the mspStack-concept and corresponding white-label Solution, CC-IT GmbH will step into the Cloud Business to quickly transform into a Managed Services Provider and to  enhance their business know-how in this field. 
CC-IT has realized that the company has to become an MSP quickly to continue to operate successfully in the market. However, CC-IT did not have its own portfolio of cloud services. With mspStack they can offer Cloud Services quickly an efficiently whiteout having to build up comprehensive  knowledge in managed services, i.e. for individual services and the corresponding business processes.

"The ones who want to be sucessful as an IT Service Provider in the future has to offer Managed Services", says Ingo Sauer, CMO of CC-IT. "A transformation of the core business like this only works when structures change and know-how ist built. To manage these challenges we opted for the introduction of mspStack, as their concept in combination with the white label platform gives us maximum support in building knowledge and great flexibility in our way to the cloud."

mspStack offers a modular solution of software, services and sales tools, therefore an IT Service Provider can quickly act as an MSP without upfront investment. CC-IT not only benefits from mspEngine, the white label portal for the provisioning of services and but also from the fact, that mspStack can be tailored to their needs. At the beginning of the transformation for example, an MSP needs much support and the mspStack team then provides dedicated resources.  Once the know-how transfer is completed and the company has enough cloud expertise, this support is successively reduced - with rising margins for the MSP. That's what makes mspStack the best partner for system integrators to develop and expand a cloud business.
"CC-IT has recognized immediately that the cooperation with mspStack is very helpful during this complex transformation of their business model", says Karl-Martin Haaf, Managing Director of channelXperts, who are the representatives of mspStack in Europe. "Since the regular business needs to continue smoothly and the new structure has to be built in a parallel way. many IT Service Providers face enormous challenges - and mspStack helps them to cope with this.“ 

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