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mspStack, Inc. entrusts channelXperts with European market entry
The mission is clear: Show service providers how to become successful MSPs 

Landau, December 10, 2015 - US based mspStack, Inc. has signed channelXperts to launch its Cloud Services Platform in Europe. 

„channelXperts convinced us with expertise and market knowledge. With their help we will be able to grow our footprint for our Cloud Services Platform in key markets and then expand across all Europe. They have seen the market changing and see a need for a solution that helps IT solution providers to become MSPs for cloud services quickly and easily“, explains Ric Lindstrom, President of mspStack, Inc. 
Not only Lindstrom knows, that it becomes more and more important for IT solution providers to adapt to the cloud and offer corresponding services. Karl-Martin Haaf, Managing Director of channelXperts is convinced as well, that IT solution providers have to revise their thinking „The ones who don’t adapt their structures and offerings to the „cloud-age“ will fail and changes need to happen pretty fast. mspStack offers an attractive solution for those who want to embrace the IT service future.“

With mspStack, Karl-Martin Haaf and his team present a new platform to the market that exactly addresses these requirements: the white-label Cloud Services Platform enables IT solution providers to build a sustainable business and better serve their customer base.  IT solution providers know exactly, that it is vital to enhance services and to constantly modernize the existing offering – that’s where mspStack can provide valuable assistance and unfold its full power. 

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