mspStack for Telcos

mspStack for Telcos

mspStack is committed to transforming service in the small and rural telco (telco) Industry with a total IT solution that allows telcos to leverage their existing phone, cable and data services, and extensive cable and fiber infrastructure to offer new services as Managed Cloud Services Provider.
We use our experience in cloud technology and project management and extensive relationships in the tech industry to design and implement a seamless integrated Managed Cloud solution using proven hardware, software, and hosting and process management capabilities.

Our Stack for Telcos:

mspFlexx - turnkey cloud services for Telcos, offering a variety of services ranging from business and customer assessment, internal preparation and staffing, developing a go-to-market strategy, preparing sales and marketing materials, providing contract and license management, hardware, service and solutions monitoring, and business planning and financing.

mspEngine - our proprietary software solution that offers Telco’s a white label portal for the provisioning of services and access to Telco branded content, including sales and marketing materials, self-service automation layer that delivers all managed services directly to the customer, and hosting virtual and data services solution in the Telco data center with cloud access.
The Challenge

Telco’s have historically been cash cows; operating as local monopolies that provided essential connectivity services and reliably churned out cash. Today, this is no longer true.  The industry is facing radically disrupted services that use a telco’s infrastructure but are perceived by customers to offer a higher value. Changes in technology have created over-the-top (OTT) services like email (Gmail), music and video streaming (Spotify/ Netflix), video communications (Skype), social platforms (Twitter/ Facebook), and resource-sharing (Uber) which are all building highly personalized profiles and intimate relationships with their customers. By contrast, many telco’s only know their customers’ billing address, payment history, and average bandwidth consumption.   

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How to transform

The most important change is to shift customers’ perceptions of the telco from “my phone company” or “my internet provider” to “my trusted digital life partner.” A telco earns this trust by controlling a customer’s digital life experience – from Wi-Fi to Cloud, and offering services that range from communication, coordination, information, entertainment, access, storage, and security.   Creating and delivering such intimate and integrated customer experience requires telcos to operate with an extraordinary level of cross-functional collaboration. Traditional silos of product and service development, marketing and sales, physical distribution, and customer service and repairs, simply cannot keep pace with the speed of new competitive offers or rising customer expectations. 

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What we do

We work with our telcos to create a total solution that provides dramatic quantitative improvements in market share, customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, and employee engagement. The result is meeting customer demands by providing managed cloud services and solutions that offer customers:
  • Better organizational visibility
  • Easier collaboration
  • Rapid development
  • Consistency across platforms 
  • Enhanced security
  • Lower risk
  • Cost savings

What’s needed to make the change?

Every member of a Telco service team – and that includes every employee and partner on the team – needs to have a clear view and detailed information about what it means to offer a comprehensive service portfolio to their customers.  
During our mspFlexx Assessment we guide you and your team through this transformation process to become a real services provider. 
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