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mspStack for Healthcare

In healthcare it is important to stay up to date as it quickly becomes a matter of life and death.
Modern technologies enable us to respond in a timely manner and make the right decisions. You as an IT services provider have to provide reliable and secure systems and if you succeed in ensuring that your customers can operate flexibly and quickly, wherever they are, you create a win-win situation for all parties involved.

Why partner with mspStack?

  • Use a complete, flexible, drop-in white label platform, which has been designed to provide managed cloud services to your customers.
  • Choose a suitable mspFlexx cloud service portfolio for your healthcare customers or integrate and automate your services
  • Your customers order services directly from your cloud services catalog
  • All cloud services are delivered automatedly and quickly via mspEngine, a built-in automation layer  
  • All data is stored in a regional data center, which ensures maximum security and compliance with regulations
  • Your customers only pay for what they actually use with service details and billing information provided by the platform
Best Practices: Managed Cloud Desktops
Managed Cloud Desktops enable doctors to login to their work environment from any location with Internet access - at work, at home, while at a conference or on a business trip. This may shorten reaction times immensely and ensure that patients get the best care without delay while their data is secure at all times. Modern virtualization technologies even make it possible to look at PACs data without loss of picture quality.
  • Provide secure access to patient information from anywhere and on any device with mspStack Cloud Desktops
  • Enable doctors to respond faster to inquiries
  • Eliminate downtime of critical applications for patient care
  • Patient data is securely stored in a regional data center while your customer's mobile workforce can access it as safely and reliably as their on-site colleagues
Case Study: mspFlexx Cloud Desktops for PACS 
Read here, how our partner Cliƫnt ICT Groep succeeded in virtualizing PACS workplaces for Twente Hosptial Group using mspFlexx and see how radiologists and their patients benefit from this new technology.
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