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Our Offering for existing MSPs and Future MSPs

You provide Managed Services or Cloud Services already? Or is this is a new business model for you? mspStack is prepared to help you either get off the ground or expand your existing services offering.

If you start to provide cloud services now, you will find our mspFlexx programs most beneficial.
If you have a Managed Services practice already, it may be best to look at our mspEngine offering as extensions to your existing set of services.
We have the flexibility to tailor our Master Services Agreements to your needs.

Why partner with mspStack?

  • We enable you to provide new managed services immediately
  • You can quickly begin to offer new managed services without having extensive knowledge or incurring significant training upfront, including sales and marketing content and collateral
  • A complete, flexible, drop-in, white-label platform designed to offer managed service to your customers. 
  • No rip-and-replace. If you offer managed services already, we can integrate your investment and procedures
  • Aggregates compute, storage, software, licensing and infrastructure management into a fully-integrated MSP solution 
  • Our white-label, user-friendly, self-service web portal processes customer orders, provisions services, aggregates important information about the services provided and administers customer service and billing essentials
  • We offer our solution only to MSPs, we will never compete with you through public cloud offerings to the customer

Benefits for our Partners 

 Already an MSP? Want to be an MSP? 
  • Reduce your service delivery cost by advanced automation
  • Own your branded services portal and generate more brand recognition in the market
  • Reduce your sales cycles for new services through our white-label marketing content
    • Professional MSP appeal in no time
    • Pre-configured, best practice Managed Service packages with end-to-end automation
    • Covers all business processes you are not yet familiar with
    • Expand your business. Offer new services you have no experience with yet
    • Convert your existing infrastructure into a more cost effective, more scalable solution
    • Reduce your Cap-Ex investment
      • Leverage our service delivery team to get started without knowledge transfer
      • Build the business without risky upfront expenses
      • Be more competitive than big cloud service providers stepping into your customer base

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