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mspStack adds support for Google G Suite
New offering means MSP’s can now automatically and seamlessly provision G Suite from end user portal requests saving time and money while gaining efficiency.

Landau / Lehi, Utah, June 27, 2017 - mspStack, provider of solutions for managed services providers (MSPs) today announced that the Google G Suite has been integrated into its core product, mspEngine.

“MSP’s are under stress and need to deliver higher margin products, quicker and easier than ever before “, says Jim Sweeney, SVP Products for mspStack. “Now with the addition of Google G Suite to mspEngine, MSP’s can save sales and marketing costs by providing a custom SaaS portal to their customers where they can request G-Suite users adds/deletes/ updates and undelete. The Google G Suite services are then automatically provisioned and delivered to the user without human intervention, reducing mistakes and giving the customer what they ordered in record time. Google G suite joins a long line of other vendors and their products including VMware, Tocario, Microsoft, SOPHOS, Veeam and many others.

mspStack and e-shelter agree on partnership
New “mspStack Cloud“ running on the latest data center technology

Landau / Frankfurt a.M., October 12, 2016 - mspStack, provider of solutions and concepts for the change to managed services provider and e-shelter, leading data center operator in Europe and an NTT Communications group company, today announce their partnership.
With the „mspStack German Cloud“, mspStack provides its regional partners data center capacity in one of the most innovative and safest cloud environments in Germany. The mspStack German Cloud Service is hosted in the German data centers of e-shelter and meets mspStack’s data protection goals by working with trusted regional partners.

“The cloud is rapidly gaining importance and is the basis of the mspStack business model. Therefore, it was a logical step to focus not only on the cloud services and their automated deployment, but also to provide the appropriate cloud space“, says Karl-Martin Haaf, Managing Director of channelXperts und representative of mspStack in Europe. „Thanks to the close partnership with e-shelter we can enhance our support for companies on their way to the cloud and offer data center capacity which is optimally tuned to our mspStack solution.“

“We are pleased to expand our innovation lab with the mspStack-partnership“, explains Toan Nguyen, Director Colocation Services and Cloud-Platform at e-shelter. “We see an increasing demand for a hybrid IT approach. With our product e-connect we are able to connect customers of the mspStack German Cloud to all leading public cloud providers in a hybrid IT model.“
e-shelter employs more than 350 employees, operates data centers at eight locations in Germany, Austria and of Switzerland and its data center in Frankfurt is the largest data center in Europe.

About  e-shelter:
e-shelter is one of the leading data center operators in Europe providing highly secure environments for housing and connectivity of IT and network systems. With a presence in all key city-markets of the DACH-region, e-shelter leverages 300 MW of power capacity and 90,000 sqm of data center space to deliver scalable data center solutions. As a member of the NTT Communications Group of companies e-shelter provides access to a global network of 140 data centers. Among e-shelter’s clients are financial services companies, telecoms operators, IT service and outsourcing providers as well as cloud service providers. 
You can find further information at www.e-shelter.com

Consulting Company CC-IT transforms to a Managed Services Provider supported by mspStack
Team of Experts accompanies and guides this move sustainably

Landau/Ettlingen, June 08. 2016 - Based on the mspStack-concept and corresponding white-label Solution, CC-IT GmbH will step into the Cloud Business to quickly transform into a Managed Services Provider and to  enhance their business know-how in this field. 
CC-IT has realized that the company has to become an MSP quickly to continue to operate successfully in the market. However, CC-IT did not have its own portfolio of cloud services. With mspStack they can offer Cloud Services quickly an efficiently whiteout having to build up comprehensive  knowledge in managed services, i.e. for individual services and the corresponding business processes.

"The ones who want to be sucessful as an IT Service Provider in the future has to offer Managed Services", says Ingo Sauer, CMO of CC-IT. "A transformation of the core business like this only works when structures change and know-how ist built. To manage these challenges we opted for the introduction of mspStack, as their concept in combination with the white label platform gives us maximum support in building knowledge and great flexibility in our way to the cloud."

mspStack offers a modular solution of software, services and sales tools, therefore an IT Service Provider can quickly act as an MSP without upfront investment. CC-IT not only benefits from mspEngine, the white label portal for the provisioning of services and but also from the fact, that mspStack can be tailored to their needs. At the beginning of the transformation for example, an MSP needs much support and the mspStack team then provides dedicated resources.  Once the know-how transfer is completed and the company has enough cloud expertise, this support is successively reduced - with rising margins for the MSP. That's what makes mspStack the best partner for system integrators to develop and expand a cloud business.
"CC-IT has recognized immediately that the cooperation with mspStack is very helpful during this complex transformation of their business model", says Karl-Martin Haaf, Managing Director of channelXperts, who are the representatives of mspStack in Europe. "Since the regular business needs to continue smoothly and the new structure has to be built in a parallel way. many IT Service Providers face enormous challenges - and mspStack helps them to cope with this.“ 

Are Resellers Ready for the Cloud?
Article about mspStack and channelXperts in German publication "IT-Business"

April 12, 2016 - This article covers the question, if the channel is cloud-ready and what needs to be done to be successful in the cloud-era.
Read the complete article at IT-Business: Sind Reseller bereit für die Cloud?

tocario certified as mspStack Solution Vendor
mspStack adds Desktop-as-a-Service Solution tocario trueDaaS to its cloud services offering

Landau/Stuttgart, March 10, 2016 - tocario has completed the mspStack Technology Partner Program and is now an integral part of the mspFlexx Service Catalog, the Cloud Services program for the mspStack platform. With tocario trueDaaS, mspStack adds yet another cutting edge technology to its Cloud Desktop Services solutions.
"We are convinced that the global technology partnership with tocario, an innovative German price-value leader, will add a lot of value to our customers. We are proud to provide such a comprehensive catalog of out-of-the-box-services comprising established solutions by international vendors " says Karl-Martin Haaf, Managing Director of channelXperts, the mspStack representatives for the DACH region. "Consistency and quality is of paramount importance for our mspFlexx Cloud Services Catalog. We will continue to broaden and expand our cloud service offering to make sure that our customers, the Managed Services providers, can respond to the needs of their customers quickly and easily," adds Ric Lindstrom, president of mspStack, Inc.

After certification by mspStack, the Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution tocario trueDaaS has now been integrated into mspFlexx. tocario trueDaaS delivers virtual desktop workstations complete with operating system, applications and data from the cloud. The trueDaaS technology enables fast rollouts, regardless of the size of the IT environment. tocario operates with the highest level of automation possible without restricting individual settings, and is so easy to manage that no specialized administrator knowledge is required. By integrating tocario trueDaaS into mspEngine, the white-label portal for MSPs that is part of the mspStack offering, tocario goes one step further: its cloud desktops can now be directly ordered online and will be delivered and invoiced in a fully automated way.

Carsten Unnerstall, CEO tocario GmbH: „With tocario trueDaaS, mspStack has integrated a platform technology that perfectly complements the innovative mspStack solution. As technology provider, we are pleased to have found such a pioneering partner. We look forward to joint customer projects offering innovative cloud solutions."

Partnering with tocario underlines the consistent implementation of the mspStack strategy: to provide its customers with an attractive and broad selection of cloud services. mspStack integrates well established products as well as innovative solutions and thus supports not only IT service providers transitioning to MSP, but also addresses the needs of existing MSPs looking to expand their services and streamline their existing product portfolio by adding new and more cost-effective solutions.

About tocario: 
tocario is a technology provider specializing in cloud workspace infrastructure for Data Centers to offer modern and competitive workplace concepts. trueDaaS is a Desktop-as-a-Service technology, which particularly addresses the challenges of service providers. The patented technology not only reduces significantly license and administration costs, but also enables the addressing of new market segments with virtual desktops from the cloud. Under the slogan "Simplifying workspaces" tocario partners internationally with companies like Hewlett Packard Enterprise, NetApp and  Konica Minolta. For further information: www.tocario.com

mspStack walks through open doors in the DACH region
IT Service Providers require professional solutions for their transformation to Managed Service Provider (MSP)

Landau, February 11, 2016 - With its offering of managed cloud services "out of the box", software vendor mspStack enters the market at exactly the right time, as currently is a strong demand for solutions that facilitate the transformation from IT service provider to MSP. The motivation is obvious: The managed services industry experiences a boom caused by the more and more widespread introduction of cloud technologies.
A recent study by 451 research shows that within the next two years, 34 percent of all companies will have more than 60 percent of their applications in the cloud.

We attribute the success of mspStack to the fact that its solutions add value for systems integrators who want to become MSPs, as well as for those that already offer cloud solutions. mspStack offers a modular solution consisting of software, services, and sales tools that enable IT service providers to quickly start selling cloud services without a high upfront investment. 

mspStack: Cloud services from a single source 
The mspStack solution offering has three components: mspEngine, mspFlexx and mspCubes. 

mspEngine, mspStack’s core offering is a white-label portal for automated service delivery. This is where cloud services are managed. Workflows and service automation are integrated via a software layer designed for multi-tenancy. All cloud services are delivered directly to the customer. 

mspFlexx is a steadily growing catalog of cloud services (such as cloud desktop, authentication, or anti-spam solutions) from market-leading and innovative vendors. mspFlexx services are pre-configured in the mspEngine and delivered with the help of the mspEngine API. These services can be licensed by the MSP partners and offer by them to their customer as out-of-the-box services. mspFlexx is a full service that includes automated service provisioning, billing templates, full documentation, ROI Calculator and more.

mspCubes complete the solution with scalable, convergent infrastructure hardware, which is put together and equipped with industry-leading data center components for mspStack cloud services. mspCubes are an optional component that is most useful for IT service providers that have not yet built their own data center capacity but want to offer a private cloud to their customers.

Get on the MSP fast track
"IT service providers immediately understand how the mspStack solutions can help them on their way to become an MSP", says Karl-Martin Haaf, Managing Director of channelXperts and representative of mspStack in Europe. "Many have recognized, that they must quickly shift to the MSP model, but they often lack the resources and know-how required to put together their own portfolio of cloud services. mspStack offers a solution that enables them to quickly transition to the MSP model without building up comprehensive expertise on individual services."
Service providers that are already operating today as a cloud service provider can benefit from mspStack, as mspStack merges all cloud services, each of which usually has an its own management console, in a central dashboard. It streamlines and automates service offerings and service delivery and thus greatly improves the customer experience. 

mspStack, Inc. entrusts channelXperts with European market entry
The mission is clear: Show service providers how to become successful MSPs 

Landau, December 10, 2015 - US based mspStack, Inc. has signed channelXperts to launch its Cloud Services Platform in Europe. 

„channelXperts convinced us with expertise and market knowledge. With their help we will be able to grow our footprint for our Cloud Services Platform in key markets and then expand across all Europe. They have seen the market changing and see a need for a solution that helps IT solution providers to become MSPs for cloud services quickly and easily“, explains Ric Lindstrom, President of mspStack, Inc. 
Not only Lindstrom knows, that it becomes more and more important for IT solution providers to adapt to the cloud and offer corresponding services. Karl-Martin Haaf, Managing Director of channelXperts is convinced as well, that IT solution providers have to revise their thinking „The ones who don’t adapt their structures and offerings to the „cloud-age“ will fail and changes need to happen pretty fast. mspStack offers an attractive solution for those who want to embrace the IT service future.“

With mspStack, Karl-Martin Haaf and his team present a new platform to the market that exactly addresses these requirements: the white-label Cloud Services Platform enables IT solution providers to build a sustainable business and better serve their customer base.  IT solution providers know exactly, that it is vital to enhance services and to constantly modernize the existing offering – that’s where mspStack can provide valuable assistance and unfold its full power. 

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